The Most Fabulous Maternity Hairstyles for Women in 2018

The Most Fabulous Maternity Hairstyles for Women in 2018
Pregnancy can be a very exciting and heartening experience. It brings people closer; turns couples into families; and brings in the sweetness of new relations, hopes and dreams into your life. Simultaneously, for most women, it can be quite a challenging time as well. With every passing week, your body goes through various hormonal changes; the effects can be traced on your overall energy and increasing fatigue. So it is natural for you to look for easy to manage maternity hairstyles as you go along.
Hair and Pregnancy
Pregnancy can take a toll on your skin, nails and hair as well. Some women, in particular experience an increase in hair fall or a sudden change in texture of their hair during pregnancy. Amid all that, as you move forward in your pregnancy, you’ll find it harder and harder to find it in you to do your hair and makeup in your regular fashion. That’s when these fabulous maternity hairstyles for 2018 come in. A good maternity hairstyle will cater to any hair related issue like hair thinning or hair fall during pregnancy. Also, these easy to style maternity hairstyles will give you a fresh and renewed look for your pre-birth photo-shoot. Not to mention, these new maternity hairstyles would be perfect to flaunt during your babymoon as well!
Here are some of the best hairstyles for pregnant women that you can try:
1- Layered Bobhair bob

A layered bob can be an excellent style for really short hair that are getting dry and brittle during pregnancy. Shorter hair, of course are easier to take care of. Layers add tons of volumes. So, these two together would be perfect for working moms-to-be. You can just air dry your hair post-shampoo and get out of the door. No need to blow-dry for volume, since your haircut will take care of it.
2- Wraparound Ponytailhair tails

An easy-to-maintain hairstyle for longer hair during pregnancy has to be the wraparound pony tail. If it’s good enough for the Duchess of Cambridge, it certainly is good enough for you! Have second or third day hair and no energy left to wash and style? No worries. Tie them up in a high wraparound ponytail and head out in maternity glam.
3- Donut Topknotdonut bun

Donut buns are a god-sent for pregnant ladies. Out of all easy to manage pregnancy hairstyles for long hair, this has to be the best for summers. It keeps your hair away from face, tidy and entangled. Also, you can flaunt the heat-free tousled locks the next day courtesy of a donut topknot.

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