Stylish Maternity Clothing on A Budget

hot clothesStylish Maternity Clothing on A Budget

Tips, Suggestions and Brand Recommendations

Looking for glamorous and stylish maternity clothing on a budget isn’t always the easiest task there is. Specially, if your pregnancy fashion inspirations are Instagram influencers who have perfectly shaped pregnant bellies without an inch of additional fat deposits, bloating, and swelling anywhere else on the body.

Let’s get something out of our systems first: a lot of glamorous pregnancy photo shoots that you see on pregnancy fashion magazines, blogs and Instagram are just, well, photo shoots. Nobody in their entire maternity period look radiant, glowy and beaming – because, well, when your pregnant stuff happens. So, focus on staying healthy, first. And, then you can try to pick maternity clothes that would take care of the rest.

During the 9 months of maternity, your body goes through a dozen of changes. Getting stylish pregnancy outfits, therefore, become an even more cumbersome task.

What fits you now at the second trimester wouldn’t fit you in your third. So, when you spend your hard-earned money on maternity clothing, spend wisely. We have already discussed tons of ways in which you can extend the life of your existing wardrobe and use the clothes you already must dress up your baby bump.

Today, we’ll discuss a few more ways on how to better shop for stylish and trendy maternity clothing and which brands offer cute and chic maternity outfits without costing you an arm and a leg.Let’s first discuss the essential pieces for a fabulous maternity wardrobe.

Maternity Clothing Essentials

1- Maxis  sleeve

Now, if you have read any of our previous articles on how to style your bump, you already know long maxi dresses are our favorite. So, no surprise here when maxi makes it to the top of our list in maternity clothing essential. The question of however is when a good time to shop for maternity clothing is? We suggest doing that during your second trimester.

You can make-do with your existing wardrobe pieces during the first three months. Get a maxi dress that has a bit of a give, so you could wear it conveniently throughout your pregnancy. Lastly, a maxi dress is the perfect fall outfit, you can style it post-delivery using a belt or a denim jacket.

2- T-shirts  yoga

Buy all the t-shirts in the world. Seriously. When you’re pregnant, nothing feels as good as a soft, stretchable and gentle t-shirt against your body. You can style a t-shirt with yoga pants, tights, jeans, cargo pants, skirts – the options are unlimited.

3- Mom Jeans   skinny jeans

When you feel that the buttoning up your pants require effort now, it’s time to invest in good maternity pants. Mom jeans are our favorite. And not because they look chic and fabulous on pregnant moms, but also because you can wear them post-delivery when you’re still carrying pregnancy weight and feel a little bloated. It’s always good to have a trusty pair of jeans handy.

4- Underwear   undies

Don’t underestimate the power of a good maternity bra. A cute and comfortable bra would make your day instantly better. For the first few months, use bra extenders to extend the life of your current bras, but, eventually we highly recommend you invest on good maternity bras.

Best Brands for Stylish Maternity Clothing

Best brands to shop for stylish maternity clothing online.

1- Old Navy   strecthable

If you want ‘affordable maternity clothes’ that are almost as good as ‘celebrity inspired fashion maternity clothing’ then look no further than Old Navy! Old Navy’s maternity clothing has tons of basics such as maternity jeans, t-shirts and then stretchable dresses. You can shop by trimester or for specific occasions like babymoon, baby shower etc.

2- H & M   date night

For all the trendy mamas out there, H & M is our ride or die for fashionable maternity clothing. From chic and fab date-night maternity dresses to cute and stylish nursing bras – H & M has everything an expecting mom would need.

3- Loft   pro

For gorgeous ladies looking for professional maternity clothing, Loft is the ultimate place to shop. From petite and neat blouses and shirt dresses to chinos and hip jumpsuits – everything you could possibly need to maintain a polished work look during your pregnancy is available here.

4- Gap   jeans

If you’re a Gap gal at heart, you don’t need us to tell you that the best mom jeans you could find online – you know the ones that instantly make your legs look long and sexy – are a Gap store. Choose from skinny, bootcut or looser fit, Gap has got it all.

Investing on stylish maternity clothing is the key to stay glamorous, happy and radiant throughout your pregnancy. Just, know when to spend and when to save. A good deal of maternity clothing could later be used as well with a little styling adjustment here and there, so it’s an area where your investment will not go to waste.

We hope you have found this helpful and informative in making decisions on ways you can shop on a budget and still look stylish. If you have any question or comments please fell free to leave them down below thanks John

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