Styling the Bump-Using Your Existing Wardrobe Pieces

Styling the Bump Using Your Existing Wardrobe Pieces
When it comes to maternity glamour, people will tell you all sorts of things: buy this, ditch that. Do that, don’t wear that. But in reality the answer to how to dress stylish while you are pregnant is simpler than you might have thought. For the most part, you just have to get in the groove and learn to device your own maternity glam statement. Here’s how you can come up with glamorous and chic maternity outfits improvising your existing wardrobe:
Maxi Skirtsstyle yhe bump

Let’s talk about maxi skirts first. The have got to be the most comfiest kind of clothing you can wear when you are heavily pregnant; most maxi skirts fit underneath the belly so that keeps you away from felling stuffed or tight or too uncomfortable. But, while you are pregnant, try wearing a maxi skirt another way. Take any maxi skirt you already have and heck it up your belly, just where an empire waistline of a traditional cocktail dress would fall. This would turn your maxi skirt into a new and chic maternity glam dress without costing you a single penny. Would be comfy and airy. Not to forget wearing a maxi skirt this high would shorten its length making it perfect for summers. You can accessorize with a long delicate necklace; a chic straw hat; or some retro sunglasses and there you have your effortlessly stylish maternity dress ready.
Tops & T-shirts That Won’t Fitbump styles

By the time you enter your third trimester, majority of your wardrobe would stop fitting you. That’s heartbreaking, we know, but there really is a way to turn those really short tops into glamorous maternity outfits. What you have to do is, pair that top with a high-waist maternity trouser and tie the top into a stylish knot just below the bust area. You can add a layer of chiffon longline on top. Or you can try this whole look with a hiked-up maxi skirt just like we discussed above. This gives a very chic and cheeky urban maternity fashion vibe and you get to use most of your stylish wardrobe during your pregnancy.

Tank Tops & T-shirt Dressesbump appeal

As you approach the 16 weeks pregnancy mark, you’ll keep hearing advices from left, right and center to get yourself some oversized tank tops and t-shirts. We, say ditch them! There is really nothing glamorous or remotely fashionable about a loose-fitting tank top or a t-shirt dress. Whip out the ones you already have in your wardrobe; make sure you only wear the ones in stretchable comfy fabric. Flaunt that bump. But, add on a vibrant, colorful maternity cardigan on top as an accent piece. Or, if it’s a t-shirt dress, try adding a belt just below bodice to create a faux empire waistline.

4 Comments to Styling the Bump-Using Your Existing Wardrobe Pieces

  1. Marta says:

    Hi, great post!
    I like the niche you’ve chosen.
    When a woman gets pregnant, she also starts feeling less sexy, mostly the last weeks of pregnancy.
    By reading your post I thought instead that being pregnant can also make you feel sensual.
    Your advice is handy. What about those women who have a wardrobe that doesn’t fit them anymore? I mean, some women get fat during pregnancy and can’t even dress their top.

    • admin says:

      For each woman it will be different because no two are alike thier body sizes will vary.We are only suggesting ways to use your exsisting waredrobe,but of course if thiers is no alternative you would have to go shopping buy a lose fitting top and try to accessorize from your waredrobe like a cardigan,or a lose fitting button up blouse.

  2. Chris says:

    Hi Penny,

    I loved reading this article. I really like it’s premise, and I would like to add that, from the experience with my wife’s pregnancy, the number one rule for a pregnant woman would be: Wear WHATEVER you are comfortable with. You’re going to give birth to a little baby! You’re going to be a mom! You ARE a hero already. Don’t care what others are telling you. YOU (and your baby) are the most important people in the world now. You set the standards of what you’re supposed to wear now; not all those people giving you advice from left and right 🙂

    With that being said, I love the idea of not overthinking this entire “clothing” topic. It’s cool to see those fresh ideas about what you can do with the clothes that you already own!

    Great post,

    • admin says:

      A women at this time in her life should be comfotable with any choises that she makes,wearing clothing that she already has available is one less thing she should have to worry about.Thank you for your comment and if you have anymore question or comments please feel free to leave them down below. Thanks John

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