Maternity Swag – How to Stay Desirable When You’re Expecting?

Maternity Swag – How to Stay Desirable When You’re Expecting?
“Pregnancy might be beautiful, but it sure as hell is not glamorous” – says the editor of a leading fashion magazine. It just so appears, that the gorgeous fashion diva Kim Kardashian disagrees. The mother of three, Kim K had two very tough pregnancies with her elder two kids but still managed to rock her maternity outfits. The secret lies in getting emotionally into maternity swag. Embrace the way your life and body is changing. Take this time to cleanse your mind and soul and accept the fact that you’re beautiful and there is no way your maternity should not be a glamorous occurrence.Maternity Swag

Here’s how you can get into the maternity swag for a glamorous maternity period:
Say Yes to Bodycon DressesMaternity style

Embrace thy bump! The swimsuit weather is just upon us, don’t be afraid of wearing swimsuits or bodycon dresses. They look super trendy and make you feel sexier and confident about yourself. Same goes with the cut-out dresses, rock your usual fashion trends.
Don’t Ditch the HeelsMaternity Chic

Unless you have serious reasons, don’t ditch the heels. Why would you? Heels add glamour instantly to almost any outfit. But swap pencil heels for block heels during pregnancy. Also, you can find stylish maternity shoes at various stores that don’t compromise on style while providing you comfort.

Don’t Let Go off Yourself
Socialize. Party. Laugh. Shave your legs. Get those brows done. Maintain yourself like you usually do. Warm baths help you with the pregnancy fatigue. Add on some bath bombs and essential oils and you’d be fragrant and fresh not only for you but also for your partner. Keep that spark alive between you two.

Schedule a Pregnancy Shoot
If you are feeling particularly down and fatigued, we suggest you schedule a pregnancy shoot with your partner. Just as an excuse to dress glam when you are expecting. Get your hair done professionally; get a fresh manicure; wear makeup and feel your gorgeous fashionista self once again.
Less is More
With pregnancy fashion, you must understand when to draw the line. Even when it comes to dress glam while pregnant, there is something ‘a little extra’ involved. Wear dresses that fit; colors that speak to you; and cuts that flatter your body. Modern maternity fashion doesn’t shy away from most of the things, but never let go of your comfort in exchange of maternity fashion.

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