Maternity Glam – How to Maintain a Camera-Ready Appearance throughout Your Pregnancy?

 How to Maintain a Camera-Ready Appearance throughout Your Pregnancy?

Maternity Glam 

Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Beyoncé and Blake Lively are one of those many celebs who have nailed it when it comes to maintaining charismatic yet effortlessly glam appearances throughout their pregnancies. Be it red carpet events, movie promotions, social galas, talk show appearances, baby announcement photos or a full on maternity shoots, these glamorous mamas have proven to be some serious pregnancy style goals for moms-to-be in 2018.

maternity glam

While, makeup and specially designed maternity dresses can play a major role in how you look, there are other factors involve in maintaining an overall glamours look. Today, under spotlight are a few things you can take care of during those nine months to look and feel your absolute best.

Pregnancy Glow Might Not be Real!! 

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Now, don’t be alarmed. We are not trying to scare off any first-time-mothers but don’t become a victim of “the pregnancy glow” myth. While, it is true that most women radiate throughout their pregnancies but that has more to do with eating right and maintaining a good skin care regimen along with hormones influx. Nausea, morning sickness and increased fatigue are some of the most common problems women deal with in their first trimester and that can take a toll on your skin.

Regular Spa Visits

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You may have to bid farewell to some of your favorite facial treatments involving certain chemicals but make sure you keep up with your spa treatments. Get regular facial massages for a radiating complexion. Hot oil hair massage would be an amazing idea to help you with brittle dry hair situation. Don’t go for full body massages though without your doctor’s recommendations.

Hair Care during Pregnancy

Most women feel pregnancy increases their hair growth. Scientifically speaking, this isn’t the case. The estrogen for sure makes your hair thicker and less prone to shedding so this might be a great time to try soft romantic glam maternity hairstyles for your babymoon or maternity shoots. Also, make sure to treat yourself to regular hair massages, trims and cuts to look groomed and polished.

Nail Care during Pregnancy 

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Unfiled, untamed and unshaped nails are a major turn off. To maintain a chic and refined appearance, make sure to get your manicures done regularly during your pregnancy period.
Some women specially battle with weaker brittle nails during pregnancy so we suggest you keep them short and trimmed with a bright coat of pregnancy safe nail paints.

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