KiddyCare Diaper Bag Backpack

KiddyCare Diaper Bag Backpack – Review & Experience

Pregnancy evokes the most blissful heavenly feelings in the mama-to-be until you realize that soon enough you would have to, absolutely have to, ditch your stylish designer handbags and replace them with a baby diaper bag or backpack. Horrifying as it may sound to you right now, once you get into the groove of mommy-hood, it wouldn’t be that bad. Actually, it would not be bad at all for the market now is brimming with all sorts of diaper bags for stylish mamas.

For starters, you have your traditional diaper bags – the ones that scream ‘hey! Look at us, we’re diaper bags and therefore this shabby’ and then there are those fancy diaper bags that on the outside look like as if you have picked them off a Chanel or Michael Kors boutique but on the inside, they have this heaven of spacious compartments, zippers and pockets to hold all of the baby stuff you need in your diaper bag.

For the first time mothers – and especially the ones keen on maintaining a fabulous glamorous look post-delivery, the later would carry major attraction. Be cautious though: it’s not what you need in the longer run.

Diaper Bag vs. Diaper Backpack

A diaper bag and diaper backpack are not the same thing. The difference between the two often confuses first time mothers but it’s pretty simple and basic. A diaper bag would usually be a shape of a tote, messenger bag or even briefcase; it comes with adjustable shoulder straps that you can use to either hang it on your shoulder or carry it as a crossbody bag for convenience.

A diaper backpack, on the other hand, looks like a stylish trendy backpack, the one you’d hang on your back as if you were going hitchhiking or a mall-stroll but inside, it has all the space in the most organized way possible for you to hold baby diapers, wipes, an emergency change of clothes, milk bottles, rattles and even compartments for your personal belongings such as mobile, car keys, and a snack pack.

When it comes to picking between diaper bag and diaper backpack, we recommend a diaper backpack. A diaper bag may look more glamorous, but if you pick the right option, a diaper backpack can actually look pretty chic, elegant and cute.

KiddyCare Diaper Bag Backpack – Review

So, we tried numerous diaper backpacks available in the market to be able to bring the best recommendations for you. Out of the several ones we tried, the one that stood out to us the most was this Kiddycare Diaper Bag Backpack in terms of being most stylish, elegant and the most versatile and practical options out there.

This chic grey mélange backpack has a unisex vibe to it so both moms and dads can use as the ultimate go-to baby bag each time they head out with the baby.

Built and Feel 

Owing to its grey mélange exterior, the KiddyCare Diaper Backpack gives off a very chic, retro 70s vibe – something that’s trending hard for fall 2018 fashion trends. The exterior is minimalistic, clean and simple – so it wouldn’t clash with anything you have got going on in terms of your outfit choices.

Carry it with a cute dress and you’d look like a cute European tourist out on excursions. Or, with a jeans and top, simple hairdo and it would radiate a polished effortlessly glam model off-duty vibes. The size is medium; it’s not humongous to imitate one of those backpacks college girls use to carry their folders. It’s stylishly convenient. The fabric is sturdy and solid – perfect for everyday wear and tear. We have used it in all sorts of situations, in all sorts of ways and it’s still in mint condition, even the seams are perfect yet

Space and Interior  

KiddyCare Diaper Backpack has 15 compartments, including three insulated pockets to keep milk bottles of your baby warm. There’s a small space on one side for wipes/tissues so you can effortlessly access them when the need be with the bag still being on your back. The interior is spacious enough to not only stuff everything your baby needs but also what you’d need on the go reducing the need to carry an extra handbag.
Let’s have a pros and cons breakdown for the bag, shall we?


Stylish sleek and chic style for glamorous moms who don’t like to compromise on fashion and trends
The grey mélange exterior is at par with biggest fashion trends for fall 2018
It’s not oversized like ordinary diaper bags thus good to use even when you aren’t with the baby
The interior is easy to clean with a single swipe in case of spillage so it’s low-maintenance
The well-thought design makes it easier to access bottles and wipes in one go


Unless you’re planning to use it as a luggage, there’s none we could find.KiddyCare Diaper Backpack is highly recommended for mothers on hunt for trendy and stylish baby bags that are budget-friendly and durable.

We hope you have found this helpful and informative in making decisions on ways you can shop on a budget and still look stylish. If you have any question or comments please fell free to leave them down below thanks John

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