about me

Hey my name penny i am from nc living in ft Myers Fla for 20 years now. I am a monat market partner and a younique presenter. I love the monat shampoo its out of this world and  the younique makeup line is photo-shop in a bottle.

My passion is to help people with makeup and shampoo. I am a people person and i love to talk.I like to meet people and help them with all their beauty needs. Helping people helps me with my low self esteem and makes me feel that i am making a difference in many people life,s.I started at a early age of 6 or 7 changing hair styles and putting  makeup on all my barbie dolls.

As i got older i was helping all my girl friends with there hair, and makeup. When i was in my teens and a little more experienced i started helping my friends get ready for parties ,prom and their date,s.And now i am a full time monat market partner and a younique persenter and thrive on enhancing peoples life,s thru amazing skin-care and shampoo,s

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