5 Hairstyles to Try on Your Babymoon

5 Hairstyles to Try on Your Babymoon

Babymoon – over the last decade has become extremely popular, and for all the right reasons. I mean, if you get a chance to go on a serene, tranquil, romantic vacation before the baby arrives, why you wouldn’t! Honestly speaking, a babymoon is not just about checking a holiday destination off your list.

It could very well be the last romantic holiday you and your partner enjoy for a while. Also, babymoon maternity shoots are quite in vogue these days. It is an excellent opportunity to take lots of pictures and make your memories.
Since babymoon is mainly a holiday to reignite the spark between you and your husband, you of course need to pay attention to your hair and makeup along with your dressing choices throughout the trip.

If you are planning a babymoon maternity shoot, your hair should look perfect in all shots.
Here are few soft-glam romantic modern-day fairytale-inspired hairstyles for you to try on your babymoon; we bet you would absolutely kill in those maternity photos:

1- A Messy Side Braidbreaded tail

If you are wearing something bohemian like a short lace dress with spaghetti straps, a messy side braid with a subtle front twist would be the perfect accompanying hairstyle.

It would work best for medium hair and you can always add clip-in extensions to bring more volume and body to your braid. It photographs beautifully and look gorgeous in person.

2- Big Bouncy Curls fluff

For finer hair, big bouncy curls with a side parting would look really glamorous. You can tease the front part a little to create more voluptuous volume in your hair. They would frame your face beautifully giving the impression of a sleek jawline, even if you are missing that in your pregnancy.

3- Hair Accessories okay mom

When babymooning, you have got to try one of those bohemian hair accessories for one of your dressed-up maternity shoots. A fresh flower crown or simply adorning your hair with beautiful fresh flowers work for almost all hair colors and styles.

4- Loose Waves baby moon

For a relaxed night out with your husband on your babymoon, we suggest wearing a low-cut relaxed-fit dress and a casual loose wave hairstyle. You can either leave your hair open or clip the front crown, it looks beautiful either way.

5- A Regal Up-do up do

Last but not the least, a casual messy up-do can actually look quite regal and royal when paired with the right dress. Tie your hair up in a knot for an outdoor maternity shoot and to sip mojitos with your partner on beach.

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