4 Cute Manicure Ideas to Try During Pregnancy

4 Cute Manicure Ideas to Try During Pregnancy

Is it okay to wear nail polish when you are pregnant? Can manicures be proven toxic for your baby during your maternity period? Should you give up on acrylic nails and gel polishes once you conceive? – Are these some of the questions that are driving you bonkers?

When it comes to managing a healthy pregnancy, there is a lot of stuff you must give up. This includes harsh hair dyes; certain skin polishers; facial treatments and even manicures.

Can Manicures be Toxic during Pregnancy?

Yes, manicures can be toxic for you and your baby during pregnancy. But, that does not mean you have to give up on the idea of getting your nails done. As a matter of fact, pregnancy manicures is a whole new glamorous trend that got started when the internet blew up by the infamous Kylie Jenner pregnancy inspired manicures.

You must keep an eye on the formulas of your nail paints. Talk to your manicurist. Nail solons all over are stocked up on pregnancy safe nail polishes so you really won’t have a problem there.

Viewing this from another angle: one of the most fun and amusing ways to beat pregnancy blues can be priming up and get your nails done in bright funky colors. Even on days when you are feeling a little beat up, a good manicure session can really cheer you up.

On a deeper level, getting your nails done regularly just like you used to do before conceiving would make sure you don’t let yourself go. It would act as an incredible booster of spirits for a smooth glam pregnancy.

Here are a bunch of cool and exciting manicure ideas for you to try during your pregnancy:

1- Pink and Accent Goldglitter nail

Glitter makes everything better, right? If you are having a baby girl, we really think you should try this pastel pink manicure with two statement glitter gold fingers.

It would be perfect for a date night out with your partner.

2- Gender Reveal Party Manicure

turquoise nailWe absolutely adore this heartwarming manicure style. Get your nail stylist stamp little paws in blue for baby boy and pink for baby girl. Would be perfect for your gender reveal photo shoots.
3- Polka Dotspokadot nail

Polka Dots make everything look chic and trendy. Try a simple sleek polka dot manicure in pink or blue to go with most of your casual outfits.

4- The Duchess Styledress nail

Or, maybe just follow the royal protocol and paint your nails a nude pink for a polished sophisticated style

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