Month: October 2018


The Best Maternity & Nursing Bra on A Budget

The Best Maternity & Nursing Bra on A Budget Product Review & Recommendations When it comes to maternity fashion or style tips for pregnant women – the one thing that’s outrageously under-discussed has to be the importance of finding the best affordable bras for pregnant mothers. We, in the past, have discussed in greater lengths … Read More


KiddyCare Diaper Bag Backpack

KiddyCare Diaper Bag Backpack – Review & Experience Pregnancy evokes the most blissful heavenly feelings in the mama-to-be until you realize that soon enough you would have to, absolutely have to, ditch your stylish designer handbags and replace them with a baby diaper bag or backpack. Horrifying as it may sound to you right now, … Read More


Stylish Maternity Clothing on A Budget

Stylish Maternity Clothing on A Budget Tips, Suggestions and Brand Recommendations Looking for glamorous and stylish maternity clothing on a budget isn’t always the easiest task there is. Specially, if your pregnancy fashion inspirations are Instagram influencers who have perfectly shaped pregnant bellies without an inch of additional fat deposits, bloating, and swelling anywhere else … Read More